We offer variety of music courses such as piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar and voice training from beginning to advance level. However, other courses may be provided upon request

Students will learn about correct postures while playing the instrument as well as fundamental music theory, basic techniques and songs. For students in beginning level up to intermediate level, most of the lessons will be taken from Alfred’s Basic Piano Series.For students in higher level, lessons will be taken from curriculums of worldwide-recognized music institutions such as Trinity Music School, Royal School of Music and ANZCA.
String Instruments: Violin, Viola, and Cello.
Students will learn about techniques, music theory and musicianship required in playing string instrument. Learning materials are taken basically from Susuki curriculum which provides great music pieces and exercises for students in all levels.
Students will learn basic techniques about singing such as breathing, voice controlling and projecting, appropriate postures, consonants, and etc. Also, basic music theory such as notes, tempo, and general music history will be included in the lessons as to expand student’s knowledge.
Student will learn about appropriate postures of body, hands and fingers as well as notes, music theory for guitar. Lessons material will be taken from Alfred’s Guitar Series which are accepted and widely used among numerous music schools in worldwide. Students will be introduced to music pieces of many famous guitarists such as F.terrega, Fernando Sor, and etc. as to consolidate student’s music background and repertoires.



Tuition is normally conducted privately. However, group session (of the same level and age) could be arranged if requested (teacher will decide the maximum number of students allowed per class).

Evaluation Partners:

  • Trinity College of London
  • Royal School of music
  • London College of Music
  • Australian and New Zealand Culture Arts Limited

Our school values music experience gained through involving in public performance. For this reason, Agape Studio will occasionally arrange in-house concert on Sunday to perform their music ability. Through this opportunity, students’ life will be shaped in many ways: feeling less fear in public, knowing how to confront with the unexpected, either good or bad and being able to press onto life no matter how hard it might be.